In Perspective is a comprehensive collection of cases for teaching business exclusively written for the applied college and undergraduate audience.

We produce and publish only real cases about real people and situations. Virtually all cases deal with problems, issues or challenges from 2018 onward. Case content usually focuses on the practical, pragmatic questions facing working managers, with an emphasis on start-ups, entrepreneurship and managing growth.

Cases are carefully edited to resonate with a broad range of cultural audiences found across North America. Cases are also deliberately written for a variety of academic levels, from introductory college students to undergraduate students in senior years. Instructors can easily determine the level of difficulty of a case and match it to the learning needs of their students.

The cases in the collection cover all business disciplines from technical topics in operations management or finance to human skills like leadership, supervision to more complex decisions in marketing, business architecture and strategy.

Every In Perspective case is accompanied with a teaching note. The teaching notes are reviewed and endorsed for academic rigor by an Academic Director. They follow a standard format, ensuring that students experience a consistent approach, and develop analytical skills through repeated use. The format is also designed to permit an instructor to guide the in-class experience with little or no case teaching experience.