Country Toy Shop B: Recruiting a Key Manager

Clyde Walton
3 pages
recruitment process; recruiting strategy
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In a busy retail store, a key manager suddenly moves away, triggering a recruiting crisis.


As Country Toy Shop (CTS) owner Cole Carr read the business section of the daily newspaper, a particular headline caught his eye… “Local School Board Administrator Edward Kim Heading to USA”. Carr’s reaction was different than most peoples might have been, as he knew Kim’s wife, Sophie. She was the Accounting Manager at CTS, and was accompanying her husband in their relocation, and therefore was no longer able to perform her duties in the company. Consequently, Carr had to wrestle with the notion of recruiting a key management position, a challenge that had rarely presented itself in the past. Carr was unsure whether filling the vacancy internally would be the right approach, or should an outside candidate be pursued. Carr paused to ask himself “What to do now?”

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