Country Toy Shop C: Replacing a Key Manager Quickly

Clyde Walton
3 pages
retention, succession planning, recruitment process, recruitment strategy
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In a busy retail store, a key manager leaves on short notice, raising questions about speed of recruitment and strategy.


“I hate to lose a loyal employee like you, Ben, but I’ve been one of the ones that have always said a person should follow their dreams”. It was August, 2004, and Cole Carr, owner of CTS, now had to deal with the impending vacancy of a key member of his staff, Warehouse Manager Ben Salty. The hectic Holiday shopping season would be quickly approaching and all available staff would be needed. Salty had always expressed an unfulfilled desire to become an underwater welder, notwithstanding his steadfast performance for three years, shipping and receiving stock at CTS. Salty’s welding course would start September 1st. Carr paused to ask himself “What to do now?”

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