LAJ: Managing a Global Supply Chain

Larry Verestiuk
10 pages
supply chain management; procurement; overseas suppliers
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The owner of a successful shoe retailing company must repair some crucial supply chain issues.


Angelo Morrison, the owner of LAJ Footwear sat gazing out the window in his modern office in north Toronto, contemplating his next strategic move for the company. LAJ Footwear had become a successful wholesale agency that imported higher-end fashion footwear for hundreds of retailers across Canada. With strong growth and a well-thought-out business model, LAJ was poised for another successful year as long as they kept their loyal customers happy and fixed some important supply chain issues. Angelo had some important decisions to make, and time was of the essence in the fast-paced world of fashion. To ensure production and quality, Angelo had a number of potential options available. With quality control and timing of shipments so critical to the success of his supply chain, and with his company’s reputation and customer base being vulnerable, Angelo had to make some strategic decisions with regards to his supply chain and maintaining his relationship with his customer base. “What I did with the manufacturers and with my customers at that point could affect LAJ’s future growth and profit potential” he said

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