Longwoods Credit Union: CEO Succession Dilemma

Bruce Ross
12 pages
recruitment; succession planning
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A credit union CEO must recommend to the Board of Directors the steps to take in replacing her as she is about to retire.


This case was based on an actual mid-sized credit union in southern Ontario that has a visionary and competent President & CEO, Susan Smith, who has announced that she will be retiring. She has given notice to Longwoods’ Board of Directors of a year and a half at the latest. The dilemma is that shortly after the announcement, the Executive Vice President of Member Services, and the likely successor to Susan, unexpectedly announced his resignation from Longwoods. That announcement left a void in the credit union’s succession plan, with no clear option to replace Susan, who has 30-plus years working in the credit union system. This is a decision-based case. It asks students to take on the role of Susan, provide an analysis of the situation, and provide a recommendation as to how to replace her in the relatively near future.

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