Saint Luke's Place: Recruitment and Retention

Mary Joe Freire
9 pages
recruitment process; recruiting strategy; retention; employee engagement
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A non-profit healthcare CEO must recruit PSWs in a challenging high-turnover setting.


This case is about a not-for-profit long-term care home located in Cambridge, Ontario. An interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was hired in May of 2019 to provide leadership and direction to the organization. Upon his hiring, the CEO immediately turned his attention to a hiring strategy. While the immediate need focussed on filling about 50 key front-line positions, he also realized that there was a need hire a Director of Human Resources who would be instrumental in developing a longer-term recruitment and retention strategy. This case offers the students the opportunity to analyse human resource practices at Saint Luke’s Place as well as delve into the not-for-profit long-term care homes staffing challenges. This case offers students the opportunity to be creative and provide recommendations on best human resource practices. This is a particularly interesting sector and challenges the students to deal with some current issues in the long-term sector particularly in light of the recent inquiry into the deaths of seniors in long-term care in South-Western Ontario.

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