St. Thomas - Elgin General Hospital: Funding the Great Expansion

Samantha Kohn
10 pages
fundraising; funding strategy; stakeholder relations; community relations
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A new CEO must design and mount a major fundraising campaign while inspiring stakeholders.


This case presents the challenges faced by Paul Jenkins in July of 2013 as he steps into the previously-vacant role of Executive Director of the St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital Foundation (STEGHF), three years into the hospital’s largest-ever fundraising campaign. Compared to its cohort (ie Woodstock and Stratford hospitals), St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital had always been under-resourced and trailing in terms of infrastructure investment. The hospital was considered one of the busiest and best community hospitals, however, there was a need to bring up its standard to meet that of provincial-level hospitals. Like many other hospital foundations, STEGHF was struggling with the challenge of raising adequate funding with a demoralized team and little community recognition. While STEGH had been involved in fundraising campaigns year after year – this particular campaign needed a more sophisticated strategy that would motivate the community to take ownership of their local hospital and recognize that its success meant a healthier population. Reaching its $16 million fundraising goal would allow the hospital to invest in its infrastructure, improve the quality of services provided and meet the demands of the recent shift in the province’s mental health care model.

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