Trichargers: A Supply Chain Dilemma

Bruce Ross
10 pages
supply chain management; procurement; overseas suppliers
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An aggressive startup must resolve a crucial supply chain problem.


This case is based on a real company that sells, distributes, and installs electric vehicle (EV) charging units. Clients include commercial and residential. EV’s are projected to increase significantly within the next five to ten years so the company has great potential to capitalize on this growth. Chief Operating Officer (COO) Garrett Vanderwyst must find a solution to a supply chain problem: the company is not currently able to obtain a reliable supply of adequate pedestals (i.e. bases) that the commercial charging unit sits on. The required pedestals are heavy, therefore, provide stability as well as deter theft and vandalism. This is a decision-based case, which asks students to take on the role of Garrett. The student is to provide an analysis of the situation, and provide a recommendation as to how and where to obtain reliable supply and competitively priced pedestals for the commercial charging units.

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