Tripsi: A New Business Model for New Revenue

Laura DeLuca
8 pages
business model; business architecture; revenue planning
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A maker of a customized travel search software must redesign its business model to make revenue in alternate way.


Tripsi developed a web-based software solution for school boards and teachers to effectively manage educational travel in compliance with government regulations. The software allows for teachers to search for trips, view quotes from multiple vendors, and choose an option for their class. Despite positive feedback, Tripsi was met with firm resistance from the three largest tour operators in the Canadian market. The lack of support from such tour operators meant that the procurement feature of the software (searching, viewing and choosing an option) would no longer be possible since the vendors (the tour operators) would not be willing to share their information through Tripsi; thereby, eliminating the opportunity for a competitive environment with little time commitment. Since the procurement feature was the sole basis for revenue for Tripsi, the original business model is no longer viable and management must identify and decide on an alternate source of revenue.

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