Visitor Queue: The Search for Financing

Bruce Ross
6 pages
starups; financing options
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An aggressive startup with early success weighs the options for financing the next stages of growth.


This case was based on an actual company that developed software that allowed its clients to see who visited its websites, and then use that information to generate sales leads and increase revenues. Visitor Queue was co-founded by its CEO, Nick Hollinger, in 2017 and started operation in 2018. Based out of London, Ontario, it employed seven people, and had about 330 clients. The company experienced significant growth since 2018, with no indication of slowing down. Nick had to decide soon how to finance this growth. This is a decision-based case, which asks students to take on the role of Nick, to provide an analysis of the situation, and to provide a recommendation as to whether the company can and should continue to grow quickly and how this growth will be financed.

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