Our Team

All great things are the result of combined effort, and this is especially true of In Perspective. Each of the individuals noted below have played a key role in conceiving, conceptualizing, initiating and implementing this case repository.

Mary Pierce, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Information Technology and Part-Time Studies at Fanshawe College, has been the sponsor of this initiative though its early years and now into its fruition.

Lisa Schwerzmann, Associate Dean of the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College, co-led the earliest work on the project as the Program Manager for the School, and since being promoted to Associate Dean has been the keeper of the vision for In Perspective.

Nord Mensah, Associate Dean of the London South Campus at Fanshawe College, worked with Lisa to formulate much of the key thinking behind In Perspective. As Academic Director of the Case Repository, Nord ensures the academic rigour of the cases themselves, and stewards the effort to promote the Kinlin Method for case teaching and learning.

Kara Malott, Program Manager of the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, has handled many of the practical aspects of the project, especially managing the development of the case repository website.

Darren Johnson, Coordinator at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, is an active promoter of case teaching and learning in an experiential learning environment.

James Todd, Coordinator at the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, finds and forms the partnerships that are essential to developing new cases while managing the writing, editing and publishing of every case.